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What is an RSS feed?
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing headlines and other web content. RSS feeds are similar to newsgroups, and these feeds are typically viewed with an RSS client or reader.

What feeds are available at this site?
There are three categories of feeds that are available from NetSupport:

- Product news
The Product News feeds contain all the news articles that are published on this site, including announcements on forthcoming products, reviews and events. The links below can be used to subscribe to our news feeds.

RSSAll News
RSSNetSupport Manager News
RSSNetSupport School News
RSSNetSupport DNA News
RSSNetSupport ServiceDesk News
RSSNetSupport Assist News
RSSNetSupport Notify News
RSSNetSupport Protect News
RSSNetSupport 24-7 News
RSSNetSupport Inform News

- The Knowledge Base
The knowledge base RSS feeds can be used to keep yourself updated on any new technical documents that are published by our Support Teams. Like the news feeds, these are also available for each of the NetSupport products, or one feed that contains all technical documents.

RSSAll technical documents
RSSNetSupport Manager
RSSNetSupport School
RSSNetSupport DNA
RSSNetSupport ServiceDesk
RSSNetSupport Assist
RSSNetSupport Notify
RSSNetSupport Protect
RSSNetSupport 24-7
RSSNetSupport Inform

- Exhibitions
The Exhibitions RSS feeds can be used to keep yourself updated on any exhibitions that NetSupport will be attending around the globe.


What if I do not have an RSS reader?
If you do not have an RSS reader there are many free readers available, or you can add the RSS feeds to your Google, Yahoo! or MSN homepages. The links below will take you to some of the popular RSS readers.